Biafra: The Labour of our hero’s past shall not be in vain

Biafra: The Labour of our hero’s past shall not be in vain

Politics they say is a game of number, it’s no doubt that Mohammed Yusuf had such number even more, same as Zakzaky but the fact remain the same that they were all used. Nnamdi Kanu is Igbo man and a Prince, he should make his own music as well as dance it himself. He should be a good student of history and not make himself a subject to some political profiteers of the likes of MK Abiola, Ken saro wiwa and Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky whose machinery has been used to win elections before things fall apart.

Will I blame his actions? No!! because the Nigeria we live in today scores highest in the number of suicide attempt recorded in the Africa. A country where Elders steal food and aids meant for the Internally Displaced Persons, a country where job appointment letters are given based on state of origin not on merit nor federal characters, a country (House) where the father categories some of his children as 5% and others 97% and shares national cake in that regard. a country where authority steals and it’s called misappropriation, he or she gets bail and is acquitted based on “personal recognition” and an Evans evolves in the society they shout kill am kill am.

However, Nigeria is a sovereign state that is govern by constitution, in this regard I implore Nnamdi kanu to do things rightly, history will be kind to him and not trail the part of Insurgency by attempting to use violent to take control of a constituted authority. The call for South East to buyout Elections is the most easiest thing to do knowing the fact he single handedly called for a Sit-at-home which was 100% successful in the south east. its fact that an average Igbo man with shop at Onitsha main market will prefer to MIND HIS BUSINESS than queuing up under the sun to vote for the so called leaders that will allow erosion ravage the flow of goods and service. Normally for the Youth is a good day to play football in primary schools.

However the call for boycotting elections in the South East is a very wrong approach. Rather Nnamdi Kalu should get involved in politics, identify Igbo politicians that are patriotic to the Igbo nation, the like Osita Chidoka, Ike Ekweremmadu and Emeka ihedioha and have them in strong allegiance with the people, with his kind of followership in the South East in some Elected position he will run unopposed.

There’s an Igbo proverb that says “ When a man wake’ s up from his sleep is his Morning “ if the likes of Gen Ibrahim Babangida now see restructuring as a way out, an Nnamadi Kanu should be snoring in that sleep. its time for the SE political elite including Kalu ensures the Igbo nation get a good deal. with this effect the state of Biafra agitation will go moribund.

Scholars of the post Biafran war have all made their views and solutions to having a new Nigerian stated clear and unambiguously, starting from Chinua Achebe in There’s A Country to Adewale Ademoyega in Why we struck, to Emefiena Ezeani In Biafra Africa Die… to Chido Onumah in We Are All Biafran to Law Mefor in The Audacity Of Power… all emphasized on implementation of fiscal federalism and devolution of power which I believe Nnamdi Kanu is in tandem with. In thats New Nigeria we will remember Biafra as a brand for marginalized people and unjustly governed people. A Nigerian soldier who served 35yrs retires and his pension is delayed becomes a Biafra, the plight of IDP’s in the North East is in state of Biafra, In any employment opportunities where a particular state get more slots compare to the slot given to a particular geo-political zone and nothing happens within 48hrs is enough to turn the whole Nigerian Youths to Biafrans. I remember Atiku Abubakar saying We are all Bifrans!! that’s the Brand until Good governance, equal right and justice becomes a bedrock for governance in Nigeria.

However, the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra is what Nigeria might get if and if Nigeria fails to restructure for devolution of power and fiscal federalism, let the Federal government oversee our foreign policy, defense and economy. The Days of rubbing Peter to pay Paul is over. In Nigeria I remember Nnamdi Azikiwe and Awolowo before Lord lugard proclamation, Nigeria has a formula that fostered economic development in all parts of the country. The Labour of our hero’s past shall not be in vain

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